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Sec Soliman emphasizes year 2012 will be geared towards working for real convergence
posted 19-Apr-2012  ·  

The main thrust for year 2012 is ensuring that all systems will be in place for the complementation of the Department’s three core anti – poverty programs. Secretary Corazon Juliano – Soliman issued this statement during a media interview today at the Leyte Park Hotel, this city.

She stated that in order that the pursuit of the Department, being the government’s primary welfare arm, will be effective at reducing poverty, the three key programs should be harmonized to generate a stronger impact at alleviating poverty. The top official revealed that the DSWD has developed a convergence framework such that “we will be of better service to our poor countrymen.”

Soliman was with a team coming from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Mission which supports the National Community Driven Development with a stronger Local Government Unit Engagement. The Bank identified Leyte Province as the venue for the pilot test in the Visayas regions.

She reported that the ADB has poured out Php 900 million nationwide for various infrastructure projects under the KALAHI-CIDSS, most of which are for the construction of pathways; hence, bridging communities to economic development.

Asked if the PANTAWID PAMILYANG PILIPINO PROGRAM (PANTAWID PAMILYA) or the Conditional Cash Transfer Program is a dole-out, the Secretary answered in the negative - that the main intention of the program is nothing more than “to let the children stay healthy and to be in school.” As of to date, there have been some 230, 271 children – beneficiaries of cash grants, for the purpose of maintaining the health/nutrition, and education of children of poor families.

The Secretary bared that by end of year 2013, there is an estimate of 600, 000 households with 14-year-old children and below/with pregnant mothers nationwide, who will no longer benefit from the PANTAWID PAMILYA.

The Department’s Sustainable Livelihood Program, which makes up as the third component of the “Tatsulo” convergence program, will respond to the need of families to be able to continue to provide good nutrition, health care, and education to their children, once the conditional cash transfer program will be pulled out.

For Region Eight, some 3,369 household beneficiaries of the target 6, 152 household beneficiaries of PANTAWID PAMILYA of Set one and Set two areas, have availed of the livelihood program. The program offers non-collateral and interest – free loan to finance livelihood ventures, specifically on agricultural production, that would give them lifetime security.

Said Secretary Soliman, the DSWD is strengthening its partnership with the private sector , not only to assure PANTAWID PAMILYA with a sustainable livelihood, but guaranteed employment, as well.

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