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Baldoz cites San Fernando City PESO's best practices
posted 26-Mar-2012  ·  
Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz yesterday congratulated the City of San Fernando, Pampanga for being true to its commitment to strengthen its local employment facilitation services, to solve the jobs-skills mismatch, and to push back unemployment in the city—through its Public Employment Service Office, or PESO.

“Your second successive year of copping the Best PESO Awards constitutes the nation’s highest recognition of your excellent work in employment facilitation,” Baldoz said, as she urged other local governments nationwide to institutionalize their own PESOs and emulate the best practices of San Fernando City’s PESO that make it one of a kind.

Saying that the DOLE considers and treats PESOs as valuable partners of the national leadership in pursuing good governance, Baldoz said PESOs are frontline offices that need all-out support, including budget and personnel.

“PESOs facilitates job search and, therefore, support inclusive and employment-led growth,” Baldoz said.

Alternatively called the City Employment Service Division (CESD), San Fernando City PESO started as a unit of the Community Affairs Division under the City Administrator’s Office with five personnel. Later on, it evolved into an office focusing mainly on referral and placement, career guidance, and labor market information. It is headed by 2011 Best PESO Manager, Donny M. Sayre.

“The office became an institutionalized division on December 9, 2009 under Ordinance No. 2009-016. This gave birth to the CESD, which now serves as an effective ally of the city government in realizing its vision to create an ideal and habitable place where human dignity is at its best,” Sayre said in an interview.

“We were very happy that the local government, together with the city counselors, supported our proposal. The institutionalization of the CESD greatly shaped the delivery of our services because with it, we were granted a regular budget, sufficient facilities, and technical personnel,” he added.

From a unit with a lean workforce, the CESD now has a complement of 36 competent staff who facilitate the operation of four organizational units, namely (1) Labor Market Information Section; (2) Referral, Placement, and Working Permit Section; (3) Manpower Development, Livelihood and Training Section; and (4) Youth Development and Vocational and Career Guidance Section.

“What we offer at the CESD is a complete employment process for each individual client. A person who wishes to find a job may go to our office and look into our database of job vacancies,” Sayre said.

Sayre explains the whole process, thus: “After that, we ask an applicant to fill out an employment form which we forward to prospective employers. If he is hired, we issue a working permit as a kind of protection and also for us to monitor the progress of our placement system,” he added.

The Referral and Placement and Working Permit Section solicits job vacancies and updates its data bank every week.

In 2011, the CESD's job referral system registered 9,404 jobseekers. Of this number, 5,021 have already been employed. This year, it aims to reach 10,000 jobseekers and to employ 6,000 of them.

“If we cannot find them employment, we offer them other services which are readily available. These includes skills training; livelihood programs; and the DOLE's Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES).

Sayre ticked off the numbers to show the CESD's 2011 accomplishments in each of its services, to wit: trained in various skills 438 workers; provided livelihood to 341; and employed 606 under the SPES.

"For livelihood, we have provided Nego-Kart livelihood to 30 beneficiaries; starter kits to 43; and Community Enterprise Development-Waterlily processing to 40; and emergency employment to 228 workers," he further said.

For its sustained performance, the CESD has continually reaped awards and recognition.

In 2008 and 2009, it won the Regional Best PESO-Component City Category award, and in 2010 and 2011, it won the National Best PESO under the same category.

"This year, we hope to win again in the same category and be elevated to the Hall of Fame of the DOLE's Best PESO Awards," Sayre hopefully said.

The Hall of Fame Award is granted to any PESO winning the Best PESO Award for three consecutive years in the same category. To be able to maintain its stature in the roster, awardees must maintain a performance rating not lower than 85%.

The DOLE's annual ‘Search for the Best PESO’ aims to recognize PESOs' contribution to employment facilitation programs and to reward their outstanding accomplishments. The awards are open to all existing and operational PESOs, whether LGU, NGO and/or School Based PESO, as confirmed by each DOLE Regional Office.

Sayre is already looking at the future. He said:

“Guided by the city’s overall vision of becoming a habitat of human excellence, we hope to make it at the Hall of Fame by doubling our efforts. It is our pride and joy to see not only Fernandinos but also our fellow Kapampangans in nearby cities improve their lives as they unleash their full potential and discover self-worth,” Sayre said.
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