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Phl soon to have Waling-Waling and Sampaguita as national flowers
By Susan G. de Leon
posted 4-Feb-2013  ·  
The Philippines will soon have two national flowers after the Senate approved on third and final reading a bill declaring Waling-Waling as a national flower, aside from Sampaguita.

Under the proposed legislation, Waling-Waling is declared as another national flower, together with Sampaguita, which was declared national flower of the Philippines by virtue of Proclamation No. 652 on February 1, 1934 by Governor –General Frank Murphy.

Senator Edgardo Angara, Chairman of the Committee on Arts and Culture, in a statement said, orchid lovers all over the world consider the Waling-Waling as one of the most unique and beautiful native orchids in the world and that while some adore it, most Filipinos have forgotten its natural beauty.

The Waling-Waling or Vanda sanderiana was discovered by German Taxonomist Heinrich Gustav Reicheinback in Mindanao in 1882.

It is described as the "Queen of Philippine Orchids” famous for its large and colorful hybrids and is endemic to Mindanao particularly in the provinces of Davao, Cotabato, and Zamboanga where it grows on tree trunks in the rainforests.

It blooms only once a year, between July and October, however, over-collection of this prized specimen has brought it to near extinction as it is often used in hybridization.

Senator Loren Legarda, who co-sponsored the measure, said, "The approval of the measure will place the Waling-Waling under protection, as it will mandate the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources to promulgate rules and regulations that will protect, conserve, and propagate the waling-waling orchid together with Sampaguita." (Senate/RJB/SDL-PIA NCR)
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a nice symbol for the world to see
by Sherwin Magday  ·   5-Feb-2013  ·  
thank you loren! ang ganda ng waling waling :)
by Isagani Lagat  ·   5-Feb-2013  ·  
i agree with protecting something so beautiful! symbol pa natin! haha hanep! ganda ng bago symbol natin :)
by Mary Ann Tomás  ·   5-Feb-2013  ·  
wahahaha panalo! i agree with the comment below! loren legarda really is the flower of the philippine senate!
by Felix Maliksi  ·   5-Feb-2013  ·  
if the waling waling is the queen of orchids senator loren legarda is the flower of the philippine senate :))
by Grace Castillo  ·   5-Feb-2013  ·   1 viewer like this
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