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    is the focus of last week’s report rendered by Provincial Tourism Officer Carmel Bonifacio-Garcia (left) before various tourism stakeholders led by PBM and SP tourism committee chair Vincent Villaluna (right, foreground) and PBM Sonny Francisco at the Victor Hall of the Virac Town Center.
    for Shared Service Facilities.
    in the campaign to clean Gogon river and its canals chose to be on dry land as only few waded in the dirty and trash-filled waters during the launching of the project last Saturday, Feb. 2, 2019 in Virac that coincided with the celebration of World Wetlands Day.
    in individual contests, Justin Beaver Cabrera of Virac Pilot Elementary School (right) and coach Joji Ordoña are ecstatic after the pupil won first place in Sports writing in the 2019 National Schools Press Conference last week in Lingayen, Pangasinan.
    A view of Benticayan barrio from Balacay Point. I learned the folksong "Ay Ay Alibangbang"in that village by the sea.
    Arch. Michelle Grade Tabilin
    Arjo Atayde, Ketchup Eusebio and Joross Gamboa in'Tol. Natural comedians.
    Catanduanes police director Senior Supt. Paul Abay and retired Chief Insp. Guillermo Tria (in green shirt) stand at attention during the wreath-laying ceremony honoring the ultimate sacrifice of SAF 44 member Chief Insp. Max Jim Tria at Camp Camacho.
    (left) are joined by Chief Insp. Max Jim Tria’s classmate in the PNPA Class of 2009, Chief Insp. Bon Billy Timuat, and another police officer, in a photo op following the celebration of the National Day of Remembrance at Camp Camacho.
    Chief Insp. Guillermo Tria (Ret.) delivers his message at Camp Camacho Friday (Jan. 25, 2019) during the commemoration of Chief Insp. Max Jim Tria’s death in Mamasapano four years ago. Listening to him are Fr. Reynato dela Rosa, RTC Judge Lelu Contreras, Acting Gov. Shirley Abundo, Senior…
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Digong is coming... for the island's two illegal drug icons : )
26-Jun-2016  ·  
lets elaborate more - a) output of industrial water from a pulp mill is wastewater that needs treatment prior release to body of water. setting up treatment facility in compliance to DENR requires capex and a continuing opex. if i may guess, it would be more than P5M to set-up and approx P5/cu.m (effluent) not mentioning biological oxygen demand (BOD) concentration. b) Availability of electricity 24/7 should not only be the concern but the competitive rate vs. other growth corridors.
15-Jun-2016  ·  
Worth reading.......may laman po ang article nyo Mr Oco. Mabalos.
12-Jan-2016  ·   1 viewer like this
Hector will hit the right spot of abaca farmers with his unselfish vision for the abaca industry. But it will contradict Boboy Cua's "me-first" principle in abaca trade..
6-Dec-2015  ·  
Let's congratulate Pandananons for this recognition particularly those parents who nurtured their children to be at their best who then at proper time went back to their roots and establish their social contribution through entrepreneurial endeavors. Let's not forget the bandwagon of leaders who inspired and motivated the young generation of Pandan to bring out the passion in them. Observe Pandananons - everyone talks about entrepreneurship!
4-Aug-2015  ·  
Kung arog kaan ang sistema palan sa LTO milyonaryo na ang mga empleyado jan ha tbi qui tatasyocio? Ta mala si agom ko dai lamang pig-entertain ni Mr. Jerome maski sobra na 45minutos ning halat kan pagtoktok ni agom naghuramentado buda pinaapod so guard ninda ta pigapahali na si agom. Toltol na ugali an? Nasa gobyerno pa man daa....propesyunal pa man daa kung propesyunal man siya....ta garing dai nahiling sa ugali nya. You are very rude Mr. Jerome! Sobra busy pano ni Mr. Jerome masupog man!
10-Apr-2015  ·  
Ang sistema lamang tabi LTO Virac paki ayos pati na ugali kan empleyado.....masyado kmong bastos lalo na si Mr. Jerome who-ever-you-are. Ganun ka kabusy kanina para 30 seconds or so dai mo magibo hilingon so police blotter report na dara kan motorbike dealer buda ni agom? Busy ka ning ano?
10-Apr-2015  ·  
Sobra talaga ang serbisyo kan LTO Virac, sobra 45minutos nagparahalat si agom na i-entertain xa kan saro sa mga empleyado kan LTO, nagtoktok xa sa pinto kung pwede lamang hilingon/check so police blotter n dara kaso motorbike dealer tanganing makare- new ning saiyang registration pero so Jerome sa casheier's area freak out and called the guard and ask them to leave. Hello???? Mr. Jerome who-ever-you-are! Pakiayos lamang ang kang ugali mo! PATI TABI ANG GUARD NINDO!
10-Apr-2015  ·  
the new version of ISO 9001:2015 will be published on September 2015. ISO 9001:2008 will become obsolete..
22-Mar-2015  ·  
go to jail.and funished it.
11-Jan-2015  ·  
Congratulations to the winners!
10-Jan-2015  ·  
14-Dec-2014  ·  
no if it is true that he amassed that much of ill gotten wealth as a mayor how much more when he becomes the president of the our country. being in such position as head of the state , he will wield enormous power where he can steamroll any investigation of wrong doing by him or his men in his behalf. am pretty sure in some point he'll use executive privilege as what other presidents did. this early he has a knack of avoiding, defying, ignoring the investigation being done by a committee in the senate .
26-Nov-2014  ·  
Manay Cely I know that you can handle everything and finish all the project that you have said, for the good of all the people of catanduanes island , but if i can suggest, i want you to do something with the whole catanduanes to have WIFI free this maybe help more improvement in our tourism, for the international tourist communication is very important, we have a very nice, interesting rich by nature island, we can promote, and introduce as eco tourism... congrats manay cely your the best...God bless
1-Oct-2014  ·  
Tama! dai ta ilaum sa mga pulitiko ang satuyang kaligtasan. ang importante mag adal kita bilang mga obrero asin magka sararo tanganing mai purisge ta an satuyang mga interes asin kahagadan.
22-Sep-2014  ·  
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